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About us

We are a community of cybersecurity researchers.

History and Background

Spanish Network of Excellence on Cybersecurity Research (RENIC) is a membership based sectoral association that includes research centers and other agents of the research cybersecurity ecosystem in Spain. RENIC mainly aims to promote scientific research, technological development, innovation, knowledge and technology transference to industry and the development of R&D in the field of cybersecurity in Spain.

The Digital Agenda for Spain, adopted on 15 February 2013 by the Council of Ministers, includes among its strategic goals, strengthen confidence in the digital arena. For its development, the Trust in the Digital Domain Plan 2013-2015 was created.

INCIBE, in line with the strategic objective of the Digital Agenda and under the provisions of the measure 25 of the PCD promotes the implementation of a Network of Centers of Excellence in Cybersecurity research to bring together in one forum different expert bodies in the field of cybersecurity research in order to launch research initiatives related to this field and provide continuity of those considered as viable.

As a result of this initiative, INCIBE in collaboration with relevant stakeholders of this ecosystem, published in 2015, a feasibility study and design of a network of centers of excellence in R&D in cybersecurity to analyse the features of the national research ecosystem and its challenges and opportunities, and to outline a tentative design of the network model and a Strategic Plan with preliminary proposals to be implemented by the network in the 2015-2018 timeframe.

From the results of this study and with the active collaboration of stakeholders, RENIC has been founded as a national sectorial association focused on research in cybersecurity.

RENIC infographics and brochure available. 


The goals of the Spanish Network of Excellence on Cybersecurity Research are:

Position the national R&D+i

In the field of cybersecurity at European and international level contributing to the positioning of the entire sector of cybersecurity, improving their competitiveness and joining efforts to overcome the existing fragmentation.

Participation and collaboration

In the drafting of possible strategic documents on cybersecurity research, including at European level, in order to transmit the technological needs of Spanish cybersecurity sector to policy makers on research strategies.

Promoting the excellence

Of advanced cybersecurity research teams in Spain strengthening their capacities and increasing the level of collaboration and connection among all agents involved.

Improve Academia and cybersecurity industry connection

Enhancing technology and knowledge transference.

Representation of the ecosystem

In defense of common interests in relations with bodies or authorities, Spanish or international, strategic, legislative, regulatory, etc. in the field of cybersecurity research.

Promote cooperation and collaboration

(Both collectively and individual members) with other possible networks of excellence or national, European or international technology platforms with similar or complementary goals to achieve common purposes. In some cases it could be considered the participation of the Association in R&D+i projects or thematic networks of excellence, where a collective representation were better than individual participation.

Promote the dissemination and promotion

Of excellent research results.

Identify, attract, generate, retain and develop

Cybersecurity professionals nationwide.


Both the implementation and the execution of cybersecurity research projects within its purposes and scope of operation, at a national and international level particularly in Europe.

Act as facilitator

To find ways of funding for ecosystem agents to finance their cybersecurity research projects.

Other necessary activities

To achieve its goals.

Mission, Vision and Values


The main rationale for RENIC is to contribute to improving competitiveness in cybersecurity research, seeking to develop solutions that mitigate risks and emerging threats, responding to market needs. To this end, it is required to boost coordination and active cooperation through initiatives to exploit the capabilities of the researcher cybersecurity ecosystem in a collaboratively and synergistically way.


Position the cybersecurity research ecosystem within the global arena as a competitive ecosystem, with high ratios of technology transference and return and with a high degree of collaboration and connection between its agents.


Excellence, practicality, rigor, transparency, trust, team spirit, international dimension.

RENIC Organization

Open network based on membership, which requires the surpassing of requirements of research excellence and whose governance is governed in a democratic way according to its founding statutes.
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Helena Rifá Pous
Universidad de Málaga

Universidad de Málaga

Board member
Cristina Alcaraz Tello
Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha

Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha

Vice presidency
Eduardo Fernández-Medina
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Board member
Lorena González Manzano


Ana Ayerbe


Board member
Rosa Iglesias Pérez


Juan González Martínez

RENIC documentation

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