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How to participate

Join the Network of Excellence: Become part of this community of research teams to get involved in joint initiatives and projects.

RENIC is a membership based Network of Excellence open to participation. Research centers (mainly public or private universities as well as research and technology centers) conducting research in cybersecurity, can apply for membership.

As a Network of Excellence, membership is subject to the accreditation of research excellence in cybersecurity. For this reason, applicant centers must present one or more research teams activity in this field in order to prove research excellence in order to overcome the accreditation process.


  • The application for RENIC membership must be submitted by the research center, and should contain one or more cybersecurity research teams to prove excellent research activity. Application should contain the following information:
    •  Business name of the research center.
    •  CIF. Tax ID
    •  Address of the Research center
    •  Legal representative of the Research center.
    •  NIF - Personal ID
    •  Name of the Research Team.
    •  Team presentation (brief description of the team and its objectives).
    •  Accreditation certificate of being Research Group or Team issued by the entity in which it is integrated.
    •  Full name of Principal Investigator / Manager / Coordinator / of the Team.
    •  List of members (name of team members and Department / Institute, and if necessary Faculty / College / Centre, to which they belong, including its category and dedication to the Organization and attaching the curriculum vitae of each team member).
    •  Research activity of the research team (projects, publications, papers, patents, spin-offs, etc.).
    •  Current research topics of activity (those the current team has knowledge and current activity).
    •  Main resources and funding sources of the team.
  •  Questionnaire containing the name of the representative, and the evidence that Statutes and Regulation, RENIC principles and regular membership fees payment are accepted.
  •  Proof of compliance with the excellence criteria requirements of RENIC: in the case of not compliance, the entity may be a candidate for "Uncredited Member", and will have a maximum of 2 years to prove its excellence in accordance with the RENICS excellence criteria.


  • Submission of membership application documentation.
  •  Assessment and approval of the application by the RENIC's Evaluation Committee.
  •  Payment of the regular fees.
  •  RENIC Membership: participation of its services and activities, and participation in its governing bodies.
  • Accreditation of Excellence (if it has not already done).
Play a part on this community of research teams to initiate initiatives and join projects.
Join this Excellence Network to participate jointly in cybersecurity excelence initiatives and projects.

Participation documentation

RENIC Internal Regulation
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Excellence Criteria
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Please contact us to resolve any doubt you may have regarding RENIC, current activities, the membership process or any other possible participation of collaboration.
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