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Research Map in cybersecurity
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Networks, Information and Computer Security Lab

Universidad de Málaga
Address: Calle Arquitecto Francisco Peñalosa 18
Contact person
Javier López Muñoz

Investigation areas
Areas of interest Attacks and defense against threats Evaluation of systems and cyber risk Identity Management Critical infrastructures Metrics Privacy Reliable and upgradeable systems
Lines of investigation
Isolation of compromised systems Isolation using hardware filters Isolation using hardware filters, isolation through visualization of services Analysis of anonymous networks and application to WSN Analysis and challenges, privacy on networks, location privacy Applicability of ad hoc sensor systems Application of trusted engineering Mobile applications for maintaining privacy Authentication of ad hoc sensor systems Self-diagnosis and system repair Covert channels Characterization of trust and reputation models. Specific models for sensor networks Certification and standards in the could Lattice-based homomorphic encryption Smart cities and safe cities Compensation of quality of service (QOS) parameters and security Computing and harvesting of metrics Configuration of hardware filters Containment of attacks Access control in virtualized environments Access control and authentication Cryptography Post-quantum encryption Defence against viral attacks Definition of isolation and recovery policies Definition of a paradigm called “trust@run.Time” Development of automatic defences Development of threat detection tools Development of methodologies for increased reliability and updating of systems Development of a framework for developers to include trust and reputation in the design of services Threat detection Anomaly detection Detection of intrusions and anomalies and early warning Detection in networks and distributed systems Detection and monitoring of attacks Design of security requirements Preparation of mechanisms to respond to attacks Electronics Cloud and IoT electronics Scalability and interoperability of identity management solutions Lattice-based encryption schemes Post-quantum encryption schemes Network steganography Strategies for reacting to attacks Evaluation of threats in new paradigms Dynamic evaluation of trust Information filtering Fog computing Fundamentals of encryption Reliable global-level identity generation Evidence management Management of bilateral identity Periphery infection management Decision-making management tools Tools for processing encrypted information for big data Tools for the secure processing of encrypted signals Tools for the secure processing of information in big data environments Identity in intercloud environments Identity in ad hoc sensor systems Identification of the security and trust requirements for the definition of the previous framework Implementation of security and privacy metrics in ICT Forensic information Security engineering Integration of ad hoc sensor systems Secure integration Secure integration of ad hoc sensor systems Internet of Things Interoperability of systems Interoperability between architecture and security IoT-forensics Secure development languages and frameworks Encrypted management of identity Management of identity System performance improvement Methodology for defining metrics Metrics Accountability metrics on the cloud System modelling and system attacks Computational trust models Monitoring through out-of-band channels Security parameters Privacy in the cloud IoT privacy Privacy of localization-based services Authentication protocols Context-based recommendations 5G, relay networks Private communication networks Automatic response and early warning Automatic response (redundancy) Ad hoc security Big data security Infrastructure security Security of mobile devices Authentication system based on sensor networks with privacy Anonymous authentication systems Vehicular communication systems Industrial control systems in networks Distributed systems Interoperable systems Assurance techniques Watchdog
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