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RENIC participates in 15ENISE in a Panel on Opportunities for Industry and R&D in cybersecurity

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Published at 22/10/2021

RENIC participates in 15ENISE in a Panel on Opportunities for Industry and R&D in cybersecurity
In recent times it has been proven that there is a great opportunity opening up in Spain so that with a boost in R&D in cybersecurity we can establish and maintain a technological independence that is beneficial for the country, from a strategic point of view and from the point of view of the opportunities that are opening up for companies. Success will depend on the integration of the different actors within the cybersecurity ecosystem"- Javier López, president of RENIC

On 19 October, 15ENISE, the international meeting on information security, opened under the slogan "New visions". More than 2,200 people attended the event in person and online, where the new vision of cybersecurity in Spain was addressed from different points of view.

Within this framework, the Panel "Opportunities for industry and R&D" took place, moderated by Javier López, current president of RENIC, with the participation of industry, universities and research centres: Jose Miguel Rosell (managing partner of S2 Grupo), Albert Estrada (CEO of Open Cloud Factory), Pino Caballero (professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of La Laguna) and Luis Pérez (general manager of Gradiant), the latter two are members of RENIC.

The panel analysed the opportunities for companies in the context of R&D, the integration of the different actors in cybersecurity and investment in intangibles such as cybersecurity solutions in order to have a strong industry and digital sovereignty and strategic independence in this field at national and European level. Industry places value on scientific research and considers that the University must come closer to what Industry demands, while technology centres play a key role as a link between the two. Pino Caballero took the opportunity to mention RENIC's R&D Map in cybersecurity, as an opportunity for Industry to find specialised research teams, as well as the need for sustained investment in R&D over time to focus on training, research and transfer to society.

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