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Research Map in cybersecurity
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Seguridad y Privacidad

GRADIANT (Centro Tecnológico de Telecomunicaciones de Galicia)
Address: Rúa Fonte das Abelleiras s/n
Contact person
Lilian Adkinson Orellana

Investigation areas
Areas of interest Identity Management Interaction with the user: usability Privacy Data processing Reliable and upgradeable systems
Lines of investigation
Anonymization of data for processing in non-trustworthy environments Application of generalization and noise techniques eVoting and eHealth applications Efficient combination of virtualization techniques with streaming and remote desktop. Optimum commitment between resulting levels of privacy and utility CPSs in Industry 4.0 Development of secure cloud applications Development of secure applications Development of plugins to increase privacy Detection of keywords in voice Detection of life and anti-spoofing Facial detection and tracking, estimation of posture and alignment Design of cloud architectures Design of anonymization metrics Design of solutions based on security methodology and privacy by design Biometric standardization Federated identity Fusion of biometric modes Digital certificate management Key and certificate management (KPI) Efficient management of HSM devices in cloud environments Biometric facial identification and verification Written signature identification and verification Speaker identification and verification Implementation of privacy and utility metrics Cloud infrastructures and platforms Optimization of biometric recognition algorithms for mobile devices Secure processing of data based on hardware (HSM or Hardware Security Module) and software (homomorphic encryption) Genomic data protection Data protection via software and hardware in non-trustworthy environments Biometric template protection High granularity access control systems IoT systems for Industry 4.0 Usability in biometric recognition and anti-fraud systems
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