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Research Map in cybersecurity
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Sistemas Inteligentes y Telemática

Facultad de Informática. Universidad de Murcia
Región de Murcia
Address: Avenida Teniente Flomestra 5
Contact person
Antonio Skarmeta Gómez

Investigation areas
Areas of interest Attacks and defense against threats Identity Management Privacy
Lines of investigation
Mobile applications for maintaining privacy Mobile applications for privacy Authentication of transactions at global level Cloud Computing Secure multipart computing Verifiable computing Containment of attacks Access control and authentication Cryptography Decoys y tripwires Development of automatic defences Anomaly detection Detection and monitoring of attacks Edge and Fog privacy in the cloud Scalability and interoperability of identity management solutions Privacy-protection strategies Reliable global-level identity generation Management of bilateral identity Management of bilateral identity Threat detection tools Partial identity IDS/IPS/Firewalls Internet of things Management of identity Mechanisms for reacting to attacks Privacy policies IoT privacy Privacy of consultations Private Information Retrieval (PIR) Encryption protocols for preserving privacy Authentication protocols Network security Security of mobile devices Anonymity systems Multi-purpose systems Smartphones / Bring your own device Virtualization and network management
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Downloadable agent file
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