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Update of Catalogue and map of Cybersecurity research

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Published at 08/04/2021

Update of Catalogue and map of Cybersecurity research

The Spanish Network of Excellence on Cybersecurity Research (RENIC) has released a full update of the Spanish catalogue of research agents, obtaining as a result a new cybersecurity research map with updated information not only regarding centres, teams and their members, but also their projects and research lines.

Previous version of this catalogue had information from a study published on 2017 by INCIBE: “Catalogue and knowledge map of cybersecurity research” with data from 2016. This time, RENIC have made a survey, analysis and edition to create a new resource focusing on those teams which investigation has a direct and long term application in cybersecurity..

Obtaining all the information was possible by doing, at the end of 2020, a comprehensive survey where the different teams around Spain had the possibility to specify their know-how and detail the different investigation and specialization lines, activities and also their research results. All data gathered has been normalized in an information sheet document focusing on the research & scientific ecosystem, final users and industry.

The Cybersecurity Research Map, provides the updated information where anybody can freely interact with to select and filter which centres or teams satisfy the different specified their interests. At the same time, using the map, users can navigate in a visual way to allocate geographically where are each centre placed. This initiative allows to have an overall diagnostic analysis to detail, in a structured way, the characteristics of the different public and private research centres whose research activities are focused on cybersecurity.

The executive summary of the catalogue is shown in the following infographic:

Infographic Image

Link to the  Catalogue and map of Cybersecurity research

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