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Research Map in cybersecurity
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VARP: Artificial Vision and Pattern Recognition Group

Universidad de León
Castilla y León
Address: Campus de Vegazana s/n
Contact person
Enrique Alegre Gutiérrez

Investigation areas
Areas of interest Attacks and defense against threats Evaluation of systems and cyber risk Privacy Data processing
Lines of investigation
Large-scale data analysis Computation of relevant metadata Cyberattacks detection: Detection of cyberattacks from network parameter behavioural monitoring Data mining Data mining: exploitation of stored data in relation to monitored domains through their behaviour and network response to extract information that is useful to the final user. Detection and monitoring of attacks Face detection in images and videos Face recognition and search in images and videos Content filtering and anti-spam solutions Electronic evidence management Image classification Image hashing: obtaining hashes of images to detect altered images Image-based automatic categorization of web domains, in this case using images presented on websites to carry out said categorization Security intelligence Mechanisms for data harvesting System modelling and system attacks Monitoring and profiling Object retrieval: recovery of objects in large image harvests Onion routing Harvesting of information on threats Skin detection: detection of areas containing skin in image and videos Text-based automatic categorization of web domains: classification of websites in categories relating to cybercrime, based on textual content Texture retrieval: description, consultation and retrieval of texture in images and videos The search for textures helps us find materials or surfaces in large collections of images Video fingerprint: obtaining video signatures to detect similar videos, copies of videos and also to carry out searches for segments of videos within another longer one. Video summarization: creation of “visual résumés” from video content based on key frames
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